Which is the cheapest, easiest to set up generic cam which works with HA?

I am doing my first experiences with HA and want to integrate just a cam. I just want a cheap, easy to install generic cam. Can you recommend me one on AliExpress?

I don’t really use cams in that manner with HA, I integrate with an actual system that manages my cameras - but that being said, I was setting up some Reolink cameras for my inlaws on my system as a test and HA picked them up right away, it might be worth a try - they are pretty cheap cameras. You can also add ONVIF support into HA for a large number of cameras that use ONVIF, I just recently got some super cheap (as in $20/camera) TP-Link Tapo 2K’s that are fully ONVIF compliant. I imagine both of these would be on Alibaba too since they are Chinese cameras.