Which kind of yaml file for input_number , error with !include

I'd like to move my "input_number" from the configuration.yaml file to xx.yaml file.
in my configuration.yaml file i add xx: !include xx.yaml and creat the xx.yaml file (see below) 
but i got an error when i check conguration validation 
rem i've tried xx = input_number, input_slider, entities, ...
but every time , i got an error when i check conguration validation 

Could someone help me to fix the problem. Thanks for your help
    name: Slider
    initial: 10
    min: -20
    max: 35
    step: 1
    name: Numeric Input Box
    initial: 30
    min: -20
    max: 35
    step: 1
    mode: box
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in configuration.yaml add

input_number: !include xx.yaml`

and put all your input_numbers there. there are other options when you sort this out


It don't work ; i got an error : 

configuration invalid

Invalid config for [input_number]: [slider1] is an invalid option for [input_number]. Check: input_number->input_number->input_number->slider1. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 35). 

i don't know how if you can see 

Don’t put input_number: at the top of the xx.yaml file. input_number: !include xx.yaml takes care of the input_number: key.

Also… You don’t need to (and shouldn’t) format your entire post as code, just format the parts that are actually code.


Many thanks for your help : no more error message .