Which media server for automation?

I’m looking to replace my XBox 360 for a media player and also my Harmony 900 remote. Looking to use a Harmony Elite Hub to control things, however for playing all my local movies and other shows, any recommendations for what is most controllable for Home Automation? This would include what software would be recommended to play the content. Things I’m looking for:

  1. Ability obviously to turn on the TV, Denon Receiver, and media player thru HA
  2. Same as above but with Alexa
  3. Able to control everything or as much as possible with HA thru the screen or Alexa by voice.
  4. Able to go to things like YouTube by pushing a button or Voice. In other words, it would be able to launch all the apps and go straight to YouTube
  5. Ability to do the same as above but with whatever tool would be playing all the movies (i.e. Plex, Kodi, Emby, etc.)

Any thoughts?



I use Plex to handle my offline media, all controllable through ha. Harmony handles all the device switching etc, again all controllable through ha

Thanks, I was leaning toward Plex for the software. What are you using for the system it’s running on? I’ve been looking at things like NVidia Shield or FIre Cube but trying to stay away from Google in my infrastructure and hear the Fire Cube is under powered.

I use a Roku playback in the lounge and tablets elsewhere.
Plex server is installed as a Hass add on an i3 nuc