Which robot vacuum to get?

we are thinking about getting a robot vacuum and one of my priorities is integrating it into HA. What I additionally want:

  • official integration provided by the vendor if possible (not retreiving api tokens with old apps and so on) to be safer with future changes
  • zone cleaning
  • LIDAR sensor preferred
  • no mopping required
  • nice to have: dust collection station

I don’t need local control only and would be flash the thing if I don’t need to open it.
Is there anything that? Or do I have to go with unofficial integrations?

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Similar question on Reddit recently. It might help…

Or this topic as well…

Look at Valetudo as well if you are planning to run something local.

Need more information, it seems many used roborock. Does anyone here use any? which series?

2 x Roborock S5 Max. Both working flawlessy managed through HA.

Honestly that doesn’t help much

Then 10 months later what would help you? If someone would tell you an exact model and you could blame the person for giving a wrong advice when you do not like it?

Good point but its just a model i cant get anymore

Which one you cannot get?

I was looking at the Z10 Pro and S5 Max and both still available and looks awesome.

Check the Valetudo website as well!

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Did you replace the firmware on them per DustBuilder for Rockrobo S5 Max to use them or just buy and use?

No, running the original Firmware coming with the vacuums. I just keep them up-to-date but never replaced the firmware with another neither did I root the devices.