Which Switch?

i want to replace all my switches in my home for smart switches, i found some from aquara for on and off but i need also a switch’( hotel ) i dont know the englisch name for it. which works on the same lightbulb over 2 floors .
Can somebody help which i need to buy or give me a link for the product

Aqara Wall Switch H1 Schakelaar 2-draads

Don’t want to make a commercial for selling websites

Aqara are good battery ones for zigbee systems - and zigbee bulbs stay on all the time, so act as repeating hubs. I’ve got a couple and they’re useful in that you can program on/off, long off, double-click, triple click and so on, and both-buttons on doubles. More combinations than you can remember, anyway.

If you want wired switches to work as normal dumb and smart switches, be certain to find out whether your lighting wiring has a neutral wire at the switch or not. Many such switches require it, yet at least here in the UK, it’s rare for them to have it - they’re usually fed as a live/switched live only feed from the rose. Still possible, but requires a different switch.

Aqara, not aquara.

You need a 2-way switch if I’m understanding correctly. It’s when two switches control a single light, right?

Most smart switches don’t come with 2-way functionality, but you can find exceptions to this rule based on woempiej’s suggestion above.
The good news is that even “regular” switches can be set up in a 2-way configuration, either by using zigbee binding or by creating an automation for this*

*There’s plenty of ready made blueprints for your scenario, so you don’t need to set up the automation from scratch. Just search for “2-way” or “master-slave” or “sync lights” in the blueprints exchange section of this forum.

Thnx to you all i need a wired to way switch without the neutral

2 way switch, you can install aqara T1/T2 relay for that one

You’re gonna find a hard time finding that. It’s bad enough trying to find a “regular” switch (with neutral) which supports 2-way switching. Trying to find a no-neutral version of this is close to impossible.

It’s literally easier to pull a neutral from your bulb point to the switches than finding one which supports both 2-way as well as no neutral.

You can keep your existing switches and use a zbmini in the ceiling rose for 2-way switching.