Which to use?

Hi ,

Need to choose a way to install on my raspberry pi

But need python to use catt , on default home assistant image its impossible to install

Try installing Home Assistant (previously known as Hass.io). You should be fine with that one.

If you want more help, please provide more information :wink:

Can you provide link ? Installed home assistant but its not 100% linux , the CLI have only a few commands , but need pyhton3

The link is hass.io, as mentioned in the previous post.

Can you explain what you want to do?

Instal catt to cast , for this i need python , pip3 . But default images has no cli where incan use pip3

If you’re familiar with linux take a look at the venv install method.

I set up Home Assistant according to this video:

It gives me full access to my Pi4 - so I could install more Python base functionality directly on the device - but it also allows me to run the add-ons.
I run a Zigbee2MQTT container on the same machine and Portainer helped me to install it easily - not sure if I could do it with the standard (burn-Home-Assistant-to-the-SD-Card) install.

Please note that this video is from before the rebranding which might cause some confusion.

so i installed the supervisor in my raspbian

everything runs fine now , but if i want to install something ( like nodered custom integration) , where do put the files ??

Needs Custom Integration installed in Home Assistant for this node to function```

The same as on any install. custom_components always live in a directory of that name under $CONFIG.

ie if your configuration.yaml is in /config, your custom components go under /config/custom_components