Which Version to install?

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The home assistant website focuses on installation on a Pi, which I don’t want to do.
I have a MacMini running OSX, so my two options are, I can either install on OSX or into docker.

As for my usage:
I would like to integrate with Zigbee, Nest (already have developer account), Alexa, my Sony Android TV and potentially some LightwaveRF stuff.
I have a Texas Instruments Zigbee dev board already recommended by a HA user.

My question is though, do I install into docker or onto my OS, and what version do I install?
I know there was some attempt to change the names of the various different types of HA, but it is still far from clear what the differences are and what each one is and isn’t capable of.

Please just save me the massive headache of trying to figure all that out and just tell me which one to install.

edit I do also have a Synology NAS 1019+ as an option

Thanks in advance

The easiest way would be to install using Docker. That installation is called Home Assistant Container. You will not get the Supervisor with this method (add-ons, automated updates, etc). You will have to manually update your Home Assistant instance, which is simple to do, and manually install any add-ons you may wish to run in Docker, again, mostly simple to do.

The other way would be to use VM software (I have no idea what that would be on a Mac) and run the Home Assistant OS image. This will give you the Supervisor with the benefits that come with that.

You also have a 3rd option, which would be to ditch the Mac OS and install a hypervisor like Proxmox and run a VM of Home Assistant OS, or install Debian and install Home Assistant Supervised.

I also use a TE Zigbee stick, and it was easy to pass it through to the VM on my Proxmox install.

It’s up to you which way will suit you best, and what you skill level is for tinkering.

Thanks for your help!
Ahh I didn’t realise the “Home Assistant Container” did not come with the supervisor.
If “Home Assistant Supervised” will install on Debian, then it will probably run on OS X, however I assumed it was depreciated? Or what that yet another version.

So I guess the only way to get the supervisor is to run in a VM or run the depreciated Linux version.

Proxmox would be nice, but I need to keep OS X on this MacMini, as I use it for teamviewer to access all my stuff when I’m away from home (which is very often).
I have a rack, so perhaps it’s time to build/buy a rackmount pc and install Proxmox.

It is no longer deprecated.

It’s not been made official yet, but it is almost certain that Debian 10 will be the only officially supported OS for Home Assistant Supervised. If you could install it in MacOS, it wouldn’t be officially supported if you have an issue with an update failing, something breaking etc, only community supported.

Using Docker and HA Container would be the go for MacOS.

I had been a Supervised user for a long time until very recently and have moved to Proxmox. I can highly recommend it if you have a little nous.

For sure an older version is installable in OS X, as I already have it installed :slight_smile:
Anyway, I’ll look to proxmox as it’s the only realistic install method should I want the supervisor.

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