Which would run faster Raspberry Pi 3b+ or Dell Optiplex 755

So I have an old Dell Optiplex 755 lying around. I thought I would see if it runs HA more efficiently than the Pi.

It’s Debian 11 and then running HA Supervised.

I’m not sure I can tell the difference. The Pi was heating up and struggling to keep it cool - but then the dell is using up more energy so really I feel like it was a waste of time! We’re mainly a light and plug household - haven’t yet got on to other projects.

Hard to say withoud knowing the HW details of the 755 and what means

The Pi was heating up

What temperature was it running at?
Its most likely that the 755 requires more energy. The harddisk (I assume it has one) alone requires at least 4 Watt which is propably more than the Pi 3b+.

Dell Optiplex will surely run faster and best of all memory upgradable, its just need a lil bit love and cleaning… hahahahahaha…

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