Which zigbee led strip?

I have 2 IKEA motion sensors which are connected via zigbee to the ConBee II, they work pretty good. I’m looking for a led strip with warm white light, to attach to the bottom of the handrail of our stairs, and preferably one that also has zigbee and preferably even battery-operated (or if it needs a power outlet then that’s fine too, but battery-powered has my preference). This way when one of the motion sensors get triggered (one at top of stairs, one at bottom), the strip can turn on for a minute and then turn off again. I’m gonna use an automation to do this.

My only issue though is that I can’t seem to find the led strip that fits my requirements? I found the Philips Hue led strip but it’s a bit too expensive to my liking. What led strips do you guys think are great for this? Any reviews, experience, feedback about the ones you got?

Thanks in advance!


I bought a few of these recently to replace some old Yeelight strips that weren’t connecting to wifi anymore. They work pretty good with Zigbee2MQTT. Was on sale for $30 last week, but up to $40 now. I dont think youll find Zigbee battery powered LED strips, but you might find some off brand that uses a USB input you could make work with a battery pack.

Pretty much what I’m looking for also, although I’m only after a very short (1m max) battery operated ZB or WiFi LED strip. Just to go under a bathroom cabinet.

I already have the main bathroom lights triggered via a motion sensor, however at 3am its a little bright :sunglasses: so would prefer to trigger an LED strip between certain hours.

As @gregg098 mentioned I may be better off getting a USB powered one, and have a slim powerbank hooked up to it. Question for me is more how to get something that would trigger this powerbank to turn on.

Any help/ideas/solutions appreciated. Happy to get my hands dirty with a somewhat custom hardware solutions also.

Do you have to use the Sengled hub?

No, it’s just a plain old ZigBee light strip. Paired with Zigbee2MQTT just fine, guessing it works in ZHA as well.