Whitelist entities alexa smart home

Is it possible to whitelist instead of blacklist entities? That is exclude all and only include the ones that I choose to expose. I just setup alexa smart home and I am now having to exclude all domains I can think of which I do not think is good for the future when I happen to add a new domain.

Emulated hue had an exposed by default option, is there anything similar for the smart home integration?
I can not manage to find any in the documentation.

Just use include entities and nothing else, just like emulated hue.

        - fan.master_fixture
        - switch.audio_1
        - switch.audio_2

Tried that (running 101.3) but it included everything. When I was setting it up with an empty config I got Everything imported.

Had to add “exclude domain” to remove all entities

You must have done something wrong. I’m using a similar configuration with only included entities and I do not have to exclude anything. Check out my config in listed in my profile.

same for me. it does include everything, altough i am using include only.

I have the same problem like many others: No matter what I do, Alexa imports every single entity. I have just included the entities I’d like to see. I’ve additionally excluded domains like binary_sensors, switch, light, group, cover etc. with no success. I deleted the discovered devices at alexa.amazon.com, restarted the HA server etc. But Alexa still discovers all entities.

I’m running the Alexa integration via Nabu Case and as I can see in your config, you’re running it the native way without Nabu Case. Maybe that’s the difference why your config is working and mine is not …

There’s no difference, post your config. Echos can be annoying. They like to hold onto things. You can test that by completely removing your smarthome section from HA and restart. Then do a discovery from the echo and chances are it’ll find them again.