Whole house audio and video?

I’m building a smart home system for my grandfather. i only have 1 limitation everything needs to be centralized. he used to use crestron and he is currently remodeling his house and redoing everything, he was fed up with crestron so i told him about home assistant. he wants to do it given i can do 3 things. 1, all of the video and audio needs to be controlled from two closets (there are 4 48U racks 2 in the basement 2 on the first floor, both deep depth. this includes 10 video inputs 3 apple tvs, 2 live DVRs, 2 kaleidoscope, 1 unifi cameras (unifi makes an hdmi adaptor for this) for outputs 6 tvs with expansion abiility for 8. he also want whole house audio included with that, around 20 zones or 50 speakers. and he wants it to be treated like a matrix so audios can mix and match same with video. so he could have the same video playing in multiple spots. i found an HDMI 8x8 matrix for home assistant but i’m not sure what to do for the audio side of things. the budget for this project is 13000$. again, balls to the walls on this one. no limits what ideas you got.

Big budget not needed these days since everything streams and esp devices are cheap. If your speniding a lot you are probably wasting money more than doing somethimg useful. You want long term supportable devices.

For audio i would look at esp devices. Really you just need a source device and those will gove greatest control/zone for announcements and music. Music assistant is new and may be useful.

Find yourself an audio mixer that is controllable over ethernet. Should have multiple i/o. You can use outputs to individual amplified zones. This will allow mixing announcements over audio and control sources. Problem you will likely have is pulling audio from HDMI sources. Hopefully your video matrix does this. Cheap amps from monoprice sometimes have ground humm. Never fixed the ones i have heard but fix may be possible. Just be aware. Atlas sound made nice rack mount amps but i think

I suggest you test devices before you install. Better to waste $200 on device to test and find out its no good vs buy 10 and find out 6 months later when you install they wont work

I would take time to fimd out what he used the most, why he used it, what he hated about other system, research his habits. Maybenyou should recreate the crestron but maybe his entire concept of how he wants to use things is wrong. Either way it is best to design fornhos lifestyle

good ideas. he hated the reliability of crestron. it never worked 100% and there were always bugs that his crestron certified technition was unable to fix. also, i will be teaching his tech guy how to use and maintain the equipment so i want something simplistic that could me easy to control. instead of esp i might use sonos but for the other parts i like what your thinking. also, what tvs should i look to for easy integration? this is not included in budget so all options are on the table. preferably 4k oled panels that can run 120hz ish. (its a lake house used by most of his family from time to time and they like playing PS/Xbox

My word of advice it

Apps are always bad and web is best. Devices come and go and apps go with them. Web is here and works on everything

Its not bad to have seperate controls. If there is seperate place to gonfor whole home audio and room specific video it is OK as long as getting to both is easy and use is intuitive.

Spend a lotnof time planning. System design is like house design. That supercool glass staircase aint so cool when the kids get their fingerprints all over it. I hate roku but i use roku. The idea of multiple video inputs is weird these days and same is true for distrubuted AV. Why distrubute audio when alexa or chromecast can di itbin software. Same is true for video. If there is 1 or even 5 second delay room to room will you notice. For audio it would be bad but for video it likely woukdnt mayter similar to football game playing in multiple rooms