Why cant I add 2nd tuya device to LocalTuya?

I have 2 downlights, we will call them 1 and 2. Exact same models. same firmware. Using LocalTuya, when I go to add devices, it only see’s 1, but not 2. I have tried deleting 2 from Tuya app and re-adding it.

I did network scan and confirmed the IP of the 2 by matching it with the MAC shown in Tuya app for 2.

I used Tuya IOT platform to get the device ID and local key of #2. I am positive these are right as when I do the same steps for 1, my device ID and local key match what LocalTuya automatically comes up with when finding it.

So after I put in the IP (which I confirmed with IP scanner and I can ping it) and the Device ID and Locak Key (which I confirmed with Tuya IOT platform) and made sure I selected same protocol version that was automatically selected when I added 1, it comes back with something like “yeah I see it, but it has no information”.


In case anyone else stumbles upon this, I think it has something to do with the Firmware on the lights.

I noticed that the one light that was working, had a firmware update available. The one that was NOT working, was on version 1.5.10. When I updated the one that was working to 1.5.10, I now can not re-add that to local tuya either. I am going to order new lights and hope they have older firmware on them.