Why did my broadlink rm pro stop working with alexa?

So the other day I came home and like normal requested Alexa to turn the lights on. Nothing happened. I then went into my IHC app and turned the lights on manually. I went in to the Alexa app and confirm that the app was enabled. When I went to my groups in the Alexa app it stated there was a problem but did not clarify what. So I disabled the app and enabled it,performed a search and found 21 devices. When I went to use the devices through amazon app, nothing! I am on the 2.4 Network and I’m able to turn my lights on/off when I’m not home manually from ihc app. Does anybody know if I reconfigure my RM Pro if I will lose all my learned features / buttons?

Have you tried to reboot the RM Pro?

I had an issue a few days ago where Alexa couldn’t control my RF stuff thru the RM pro ("…isn’t responding" or “OK” but the device didn’t change state). I eventually rebooted the RM pro and everything started working again.

I have the same problem. I have rebooted, reinstalled etc etc but alexa no longer triggers broadlink devices through ihc even though it finds them during discovery. I can however control the HA which controls the Broadlink so have given up on the ihc skill. Sorry i couldnt help, but i would be interested to know what the solution is if you manage to fix it.

This time with the same problem, it always worked normally … but from Sunday to … Use RM Mini 3 + MP1 + IHC

“XXXXXXXXXXXX Alexa does not support”