Why do all dashboards require hyphen in the name?

When trying to create a new dashboard, Home Assistant enforces hyphens in the name, even when it’s a single word.
I cannot create a dashboard without a hpyhen in the url. This is very frustrating.
I have ensured there are no whitespaces. But it still will not allow it.

“The URL should contain a - and cannot contain spaces or special characters, except for _ and -”

Any ideas as you why this is a requirement?

I don’t have that limitation … but I don’t play with the URL - just enter a name. URL is not mandatory despite it appearing to be (the *)

I am on 2023.9.2

If I ignore the url, then all my dashboards are prefixed with “dashboard-”
My dashboard names are like yours, but the URLs all have the “dashboard-”, really annoying.
I want to simplify them.
But am not able to

I am also on 2023.09.2