Why do my Sonos speakers constantly go unavailable?

Hi, I have 3 Ikea Symfonisk Sonos Speakers, When they work they’re awesome.

But they only work for about 20-30 hours after being connected to HA, then they start alternating between available and unavailable every few minutes as you can see here. (

All 3 do this, and are available at different times - they aren’t in sync with their disconnects. They are all accessible through the Sonos app and one of them is extremely close to my router so I don’t think it’s a signal strength issue.

Any ideas what might be causing this? please let me know if there’s some other logs or something I can share that might be helpful.


So I think the issue is that I have my router programmed to reset at 5am each night and for some reason the speakers successfully reconnect but from then on keep dropping in and out constantly.

The reason I noticed this is I just had solar panels installed and they also dropped connection at 5am and I had to redo the whole wifi setup for them.

I have turned off the auto-reboot, hopefully that solves the problem. Does anyone know a way to keep auto-reboot without everything being unable to reconnect?