Why doesn't coordinator flash remove network info

I learned today that the zigbee network info is saved on my Sonoff 3.0 USB controller. I’ve successfully flashed new firmware a couple of times but never lost the zigbee network info. The flashing erases the stick.

So how come?

If you use Zigbee2MQTT, a backup of the network info is made when you stop Zigbee2MQTT, and restored on startup.


to clear the nvram

I use Zigbee. So why doesn’t it get cleared with a flash of new firmware?

Normally a firmware chip consist of two parts the firmware in an EEPROM part, which is the “BIOS” of the device and a NVRAM part which is a static ram circuit holding the configuration settings.
A firmware update would only update the EEPROM part.
Sometimes a forced clearing of the NVRAM can be required too, because some configuration setting was changed in behaviour, so the old state would not make sense with new firmware code.

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Very cool, thank you. So if I wanted to swap controllers, even one of the same make, is there a way to backup the zigbee network device to computer, and then restore on the new device?

WallyR, I don’t see anything in there about backing up network data or the distinction between EEPROM and NVRAM

You backup NVRAM, but they do not mention it as NVRAM. They call it network data.
Search for Backup and you should get a section about that.

EEPROM is not backed up, because it is model and vendor specific.

You still didn’t mention what controller software you use…

I use Zigbee2MQTT, and it’s configuration is saved on a HA folder


Although it has the extension ‘.db’, it is just a flat based file which you can open with any text editor :wink:

ZHA integration on a Sonoff 3 USB stick, the P version.