Why is Hassio appearing on my router twice same mac address?

Hi all.

I am a complete newbie to home assistant and raspberry pi and literally just started tinkering this weekend. Also I am not very technical and have been on a very steep learning curve!

I followed the hass.io setup and seemed to have everything working OK, but I did notice on my router 2 occurences of HASSIO for the same mac address. I didn’t think much of it at first, but I have run into a few “odd” issues when trying to set up duck dns that make me wonder if I have done something wrong.

So I tried have twice to assign the hassio a static IP on my router. As soon as I do this I loose connection and find that a different IP address has now been assigned. When I delete the static IP on the router everything is restored.

Incidentally I can log into Home Assistant vi both the IP’s on the router. Its almost as if its running 2 copies

Anyone got any ideas as to what is going on? I don’t want to go too much further configuring things if I have to start again because of a mess up I made at install.

Any help much appreciated.

its probably doing that because its running docker. i dont fully understand how it all works but its something like multiple little virtual machines with the barer minimum needed to do their task, so youll probably be seeing the host pi, and the home assistant docker image, as theyre both using the same physical port theyll have the same mac address, if youre setting a static address via the router it would be based on mac address, therefore it would be giving the same address to multiple clients, causing the issue there.

i suggest assigning a static ip INSIDE the machine, not from the router to avoid this.

Edit: this may be technically sort of? incorrect because theres a reverse proxy or something with ngix but it should fix it still

Thanks very much for the help. I thought maybe it was an error I had made as no one has mentioned it before here or on any of the videos I have been following.

I will carry on plowing through setting things up. It’s a steep learning curve for me!

Its mentioned that hass.io is powered by docker over here :slight_smile: https://home-assistant.io/hassio/

I guess they assume people have heard of it before or will read into it to see how it works but yeah I can see how it caught you off guard, its good practice to always do static IPs on the client rather than via the router though, for a few reasons.

you should lower your DHCP pool by 50 or so at the end or start and use those to assign manually to things that will be running (like the pi)