Why isn't there energy distribution card

It would be cool to be able to have the Energy Distibution section as a card we could use on our dashboard.


It is there :thinking:

type: energy-distribution

:man_facepalming: thanks :slight_smile: I was only looking through the list of cards did not read the docs

For everyone else wondering: In the “add card” dialog, pick the “manual” option at the very bottom. Then enter the code shown by @gotschi

The real WTH here is why this isn’t a card that can be added visually. I wonder if there are more such cards and where to learn about them.

This is a list of all the cards used in the energy dashboard, you can also place them anywhere you want in your dashboard.

At the moment there are no configuration options available for these cards, you can configure them on the energy configuration page.

Thank you. I was more wondering in general. Like are there other (non-energy related) cards that do not show up in the visual card adding dialog? But I guess we’re getting off-topic for this thread.