Why would my gate randomly unlock/lock by itself?

I see that my front gate randomly unlocked itself then locked then unlocked itself again. How does something like this happen? The lock is a Yale wifi lock that connects to a Nest hub. I had to first connect it to Homebridge before I was able to get it to work with Home Assistant

I have no knowledge on this object but

  • are you sure it is the lock and not a false reporting in HA
  • any chance the connection drops or the device resets
  • could the hub be sending wrong info (see first Q)
  • did you raise this with the area of this integration?

If you have the lock in any Automation, check them and see if any were fired off, and matches up with your logs. Then thoroughly check the automation for issues.

I waited till it happened again so I could see if the gate is actually locking and unlocking physical which it is. The lock is outdoors and is a bit damaged so maybe there is any issue with the device. On another HA page soneone mentioned that they had something similar happen to their Yale lock. Not sure what happened but I’ll probably get a different lock

It was not an automation. I think it might be the device itself due to a small amount of damage. I’m just not sure though