Wifi and Zigbee devices unavailable while internet was down

Just dont run both ha-installs at the same time … Unless you Re-Name 1 of them, cant have 2 “homeassistant” Host-Names in same network

Oh of course. thanks

Just thought I give an update. The move went very well. Seems stable for now. Only issue I experienced with VMware player is when you click on VWmare window the keyboard and mouse refuses to move back to the host windows.

After googling I could not get a solution. What worked is locking the host PC and unlocking it.

left side " ctrl + alt " and the cursor is “released”

Good to hear it went smooth :+1:

Good you got your issue solved!

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oh Dam, lol thanks

Dont see a closed tick option. Must be missing something.

Still not available?

Yup see it now. Done thanks

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