WiFi Credentials Missing From Full System Snapshot

I recently restored a full system snapshot created with HassOS 4.16 and Supervisor 2020.11.0 running on an RPi4 using the system image provided by HA community. When I went to wipeout and restore this snapshot, the WiFi credentials did not restore. I had to manually setup and enter the WiFi credentials for my home network over a physical ethernet connection. Would be great to include the wpa_supplicant file or whatever HA uses to store WiFi creds in the snapshot.

Agreed. I faced the same issue after a restore.

AFAIK the snapshot only makes a backup of the configured containers.
The network configuration is part of the host system.
If you restore the snapshot to the existing host, there is no need to reconfigure it’s settings.
If you start from scratch, reflashing the host-os then obviously you would have to reconfigure the host, to your needs.

Seems like host system image (hassio) could have a script that checks hassio container folder for creds on boot if no wifi connection is available.

I understand HA can’t do this for all host systems, but as they are in control of hassio, this seems possible to manage.