WiFi mesh system suggestion with minimal HA issues

Hello everyone,
it’s time for a networking change and I would love to have your contribution!

Having a log full of stuff complaining with socket connections closing and entities taking more time than allowed to update in my HASSIO installation, I set my mind on a WiFi mesh networking solution.

This forum is about HA hardware, why am I posting in this forum and not some other tech-related one?
Well because I am interested that the suggested mesh solution works flawlessly with my 25+ WiFi IoT devices that all report stuff to HA.

Why is my mind set on a mesh solution and not something else?
I despise cables. I am not going to tolerate ugly raceways running through or over my walls, or Ethernet cables running my floors or having to patch dry wall after punching wholes in it to route Ethernet cables for a router/AP topology such as the highly respected and suggested UniFi(s) with EdgeRouter-X. Not to mention I don’t want to go through the hassle of configuring such stuff as the UniFi Controller.

Purpose of this thread:
I would very much appreciate if people using out-of-the-box mesh solutions (such as the ones I have my mind on) coming in this thread the next few days and letting me know how it’s been working with their HA installation NOW - IN THE PRESENT TIME and I cannot be more emphatic than that :laughing:. Please if you are a mesh user from 6-months or a year ago that you have been frustrated from your mesh purchase and returned it or no longer using it, refrain from contributing as based on articles I’ve been reading in forums companies continuously put out new firmware to fix holes that existed previously (#duh!).

My use case scope:

  1. Strangely “L-shaped” corridor with 4 rooms, single-floor, appartment
  2. Lot’s of 2.4Ghz interference by my own Zigbee devices and other college student WiFi(s) around me
  3. Relatively thick brick walls
  4. HA running on Raspberry Pi via HASSIO (this is important as hassio uses docker which has been reported to cause issues to some mesh implementations such as the Netgear Orbi)

Mesh implementations that are on my candidate list:
*Linksys Velop - Suggested by one of the Discord members - thank you very much
*Netgear Orbi - Netgear Orbi does not qualify as mesh as its nodes do not communicate with each other based on articles - however Netgear seems to have incorporated mesh-like behavior and in reviews they’ve come to deliver some very good throughput and functionality but they’ve also reported to hit snags when running dockerized applications
*Tp-Link Deco M9 Plus (v1/v2)

I would like in advance to thank each and every one that will take the time to put his/her experience in this thread and urge you that if you are a hassio user with some other mesh implementation from the ones I suggested to let me know too! I wouldn’t want to go far beyond the price tag of the above solutions though!


I have good experiences with a Orbi AC3000 router and two satellites from a WiFi perspective. I have lots of different wifi connected units including 2 Chromecast TV’s, 5 Chromecast audios, 8 Google Homes and around 10 ‘IoT’ (with only LAN access) devices. Most of my HA-connected devices are ZigBee and Zwave-based though.
I do however miss some features in my Orbi-setup like VLANs, NAT loopback and a better interface for DHCP.

I have a tenda mesh3, three units. I have them in bridge mode, so all they do is WiFi. All other stuff is provided my my router with tomato firmware. My only issue is no "multicast’, which Xiaomi aqara hub needs. This was easily worked around by enabling WiFi also from the router (avoiding same channels as tenda).

35 device’s connected.


The Amplifi line from Ubiquiti is worth a look, if you don’t mind that all the MeshPoint devices plug directly onto outlets (no cords) and they’re not exactly elegant. I’d suggest either the Amplifi HD router or the Alien (pricey).

A great side benefit is that they include the Amplifi Teleport feature that has its own VPN app to allow you to securely access your network remotely. With the VPN turned on, you can manage HA without opening any ports on the router.

I’m using the Amplifi HD but I may not need to add any MeshPoints.


Do you mean those?

Yes, those. But I take exception to the “elegant design” part of their description. The router (base station) is elegant – almost attractive. But those two MeshPoints are the opposite (in my opinion).

And I can’t speak to how effective the mesh network is, since I’m not using the MeshPoints myself. All I have is the Amplifi HD router.