Will the vera component work with the new vera secure?

I’ve been struggling with Open Z-Wave for a while now and it’s not going that well… It got me started thinking about an separate IP-based Z-Wave controller… I really like the HUE lights for the same reason.

There’s a new Ver appliance called the Vera Secure that also doubles as an alarm system. I’m wondering can anybody tell me whether the HA Vera component will work with it?

Yeah it works. There’s really not much difference between a Vera Plus and Vera Secure except the Vera Secure has more RAM and more disk space.

The Vera component uses the HTTP interface for sending commands and polling status. This interface is the same across all Vera boxes.

DON’T consider the Vera Secure an alarm system!!! You will be sorry and out more money than needed. With that said the Vera makes a great z-wave controller and a half way decent Zigbee controller. Just use it as that and things will be good. If you try to load it up with apps/plugins etc then things go down hill FAST! I’ve been through the whole debacle with Vera and I no longer use it. In fact I just removed my last two devices from it today.

Thanks for the info! Currently I’m using a Fibaro HC2 as alarm / z-wave controller, but the interface to HC2 is not really very good… And this morning the HC2 crashed instead of sounding the alarm when the youngest went downstairs illegally. Lucky him because the alarm is 110dB.

So yeah I’m looking for a reliable Z-wave controller with a decent interface (Fibaro is poorly documented and fundamentally borken if you ask me).

So the Vera component uses polling? How does that work with PIR sensors? Maybe I’ll only include the PIR’s in Hass directly and let the vera do all the other stuff. Thing is, with about 50 devices hass is getting soo slow :confused:

I would consider the Vera to match everything you said about the HC2 as well. Bad interface poorly documented and breaks without reason/warning.

As for a device controller it does that ok. Yes the interface between HA and Vera is polling based but it does work well. I can’t say for sure on speed/timing of sensors using a Vera to HA but I don’t recall any speed issues.

My Experience with the Vera integration has been positive. Yes - no documentation but it’s really not needed. And every time mine has “broke”, it was because of something I did to cause the problem.

I reverted back to Fibaro HC2. The device support from Vera is not that hot and there is a HC2 integration now that works quite well.