Window control card (openCloseStop) Buttons change to inactive after pressing

Can some on help because i can’t find information, spend 4 days already((( I have window motor, it only can open/stop/close. So I create, a cover device and card for it. Card has tree button, butwhen i pres open/close HA always disabled pressed button !!! But i need this buttons in active state!!! Is any fix for this?

  • platform: template
    device_class: blind
    friendly_name: “blinds”
    service: script.open_blinds
    service: script.close_blinds
    service: script.stop_blinds
    device_class: blind
    friendly_name: “windows”
    service: script.open_windows
    service: script.close_windows
    service: script.stop_windows

PS same for blinds card((

It disables that button when the position reflected in the entity is either 0% or 100%. The only way I have found around that is to set the position to 1% or 99%. The script in the ui component does that.

I have some front end custom buttons I’ve made that allows for the functionality that you want.

found here:

I have many other front end controls as well that provides for a consistent theme in the dashboard. those are also all found in the different repositories at the same github.

I set up card, but it works the same as default cover. When I open and stop, if I press again open, nothing works. Here my setup(also i have only two buttons, no stop)

add this to your card config:

allowDisablingButtons: false
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Thanks, now all good!!! But have another question is it support two devices in one card?

Not technically. All it does is just replaces the single entity row in an entities card.

You might be able to create a cover group and then use that new cover in the card.

or create a template cover and use that with the card.

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