Windows 10 hassio.local site can't be reached but just was?

Logged into hassio.local from my windows 10 earlier today, but a few hours later, I cannot login on my windows 10 to hassio.local BUT when I try on my Chromebook, I can login??


does it work if you put it ipaddress in??

Try Ctrl + F5

local ip as in ?

it works now.

I didn’t do anything?

who knows why its working now?


But seriously, you are the only one with access to the browser error console.


You realize that IP address is local to literally the machine you’re on?

You would use the IP address of the system (pi?) Running Home assistant…

cant’ check the ip address on this. thing, it’s locked down. did not install using docker. no access to anything except HA files through the web GUI

Sure you can. You can get it from your router, or via an app on your phone that scans the network or from your laptop/desktop…

That’s not true…