Windows cannot access \\HASSIO


Hey guys
came home to find HA not behaving as it should, take a quick look and find i couldnt access the HASSIO network drive (one of a few issues) so thought oh well i’ll do a fresh install and start from scratch (have a very basic setup at present) cut to now,
fresh install , samba mqtt and a few other bits set up, can access HASSIO perfect now i can start editing the config.yaml. go to open it up and its gone back to not allowing me access log files show this

19-02-11 09:15:48 ERROR (MainThread) [hassio.homeassistant] Error on call Cannot connect to host ssl:None [Connection refused]

this popped up the same time. any suggestions

to be frank i’m fairly useless at all this but have had it running problem free for a few months now. built and added some bruh sensors, set up automations etc, but when a problem like this happens i dont have a clue where to begin .