Wink config is intermittent

I am running Hassio on a Pi3. I use the user ID and password method to configure the Wink component. Early on, Wink would configure correctly on every restart of Hassio. Recently when developing an automation (restarting frequently) the ‘Wink invalid config’ error message appeared more and more frequently. Now the error occurs on every restart.

What might cause this and how can I troubleshoot this issue?

Can you provide me a log? I’ll take a look at what’s blowing up. It sounds like the login to get the token may be failing. Have you considered setting up a developer account at and authenticating with it? That is the best way to access wink you get auto refresh tokens and support for local control.

Thanks for your quick reply. Help me to provide what you need. As you see below, I am having some issues.

Let me know how to send you a log. I don’t see anything in the 'Logbook". I am unable to copy any text from Putty listings of the homeassistant logs the supervisor logs.

I don’t use developer account config method because I could not get it to work. I opened an account at I got a client ID and a client secret. When I restarted Hassio and followed the link to configuration guide, the first screen was an error to the effect that the 'client was unauthorized or inaccessible". I tried the user ID and password method and that seemed to work (at least for a while).

Can you not pull the homeassistant log file from the pi? You should be able to sftp to the pi or setup a samba share or something.

As far as I know, these are the only commands available when one uses Putty to ssh into the Pi when running

$ hassio homeassistant logs
$ hassio homeassistant restart
$ hassio homeassistant update

$ hassio host restart
$ hassio host shutdown
$ hassio host update

One can list these logs in Putty but I haven’t been able to capture any of the text to send to you.

Here is a link to the text file generated by the hassio homeassistant logs command:

I don’t see any errors in there about Wink, does’t look like it was even loaded.

Here is a link to the configuration.yml:

All looks good, can you restart again and as soon as you get the config error pull the logs again?

I am lost. I don’t see any reference to Wink in your logs so I am not sure what is going on. Unfortunately I don’t use so I am not sure I can be any more help.

Since I am just starting, I think I may abandon this version and move to hassbian.