Wire CC1101 (E07-M1101S) to Raspberry Pi 4 for 433 MHz trasnmitter and receiver

Hi everyone!
Is there a way to wire this tiny red component to my RPi4 so I could use anything for transmitting and receiving radio frequency signals?
I heard RFLink is a good solution but I have no clue how to proceed…

RFLink integration requires a RFLink ‘gateway’ with the RFLink firmware. You can’t use the integration just with a device connected to the RPi.

Damn! And no other way or integration to avoid adding another device in my house already filled with gadgets?

A esp/pico with rf receiver/transmitter works a treat with esphome and the parts cost less than $5 directly from the country of manufacture :cn:

First class local push :trophy: integration via native api - can’t really get better in that case :wink:

Woow yeah indeed! Thank you @orange-assistant!
I will search for wiring my cc1101 to an esp8266.

That cc1101 looks a little complex. Like using some protocol/more than one pin :thinking:

Might be worth the short cut just getting some superheterodyn receiver/transmitter set which usually comes with VCC, GND and DATA pin and do work out-of-the :package: with esphome :rocket: