Wired and Wireless aqara wall switch. The same functions using zigbee2mqtt?

Hi guys,

I’m planning to buy smart switch http://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/devices/QBKG03LM) this is wired zigbee aqara wall switch with zero line.

Mostly I want it because of its possibility of generating 7 triggers ( single click, double click , long press, both keys click etc. ) theoretically I should be able to program actions like:

  • long press left button to turn off all lights in the house.
  • double press the right button to turn on kitchen light
  • press both buttons to turn on TV etc.
    Is it possible to do so?

I don’t have xiaomi gate, I use zigbee2mqtt.

On Koenkk supported devices http://www.zigbee2mqtt.io/information/supported_devices.html it clearly says that wireless switch has those options, but wired switch seemed to not have this possibilities.

So here is a question for someone who uses wired aqara smart switch zigbee version with zigbee2mqtt. Is it posiible to triger with it more action than just turn on/off light that its connected to? Are other actions available? And if so, which one?

Thanks in advance ! :slight_smile:

I have WXKG02LM and its working fine using Zigbee2mqtt USB Dongle CC2531

Great Bartosz !

Are you from Poland maybe? :slight_smile: Thanks for feedback. Can you please tell me if you can set up all extra triggers like long press, or double click to start different actions ? Or just On/Off the connected light?

I test in the evening all this triggers
Yes from poland.

To będę bardzo wdzięczny za informacje :slight_smile: bardzo zależy mi na tych dodatkowych opcjach, żeby móc kombinować jak pisałem powyżej: np: długie przytrzymanie lewego przycisku gasi światła w całym domu, a kliknięcie dwa razy włącza tv :smiley:

I will be very gratefull for information :slight_smile: those triggers are very important to me to start more comlicated routines with different triggers.

Hi all!

I hope you all are doing well :slight_smile:

@Yonguelle, did you find any solution to listen the events of the Wired aqara wall switch?

  • click left/ right buttom

  • double click left/ right buttom

  • long click left/ right buttom

  • press both buttoms

I am currently stuck in the same point and I would really apreciate any tip.

Thank you all for your time and help,

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@euqiuq Yes I did, I ordered it and I can tell for sure :slight_smile:

Wired model has only standard actions on/off the light. There is no double click or long click or any other special function. Just turn the light on/off

Thank you so much for your reply :-).

I have bought the USB Dongle CC2531, I already flashed it and the switch is working fine with it, but I do not know how to confirgure the swicht as decouple mode.

@homeassistant.mi, do you know how to do it? I woluld really apreciate any help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much,


Hi all,

once the switch is configured as decoupled mode, you can only listen to the standar acctions (on/ off) as Yonguelle said before.
In my case, I have programed the lights outside my home, so I can use one of the buttoms in order to do something different, but only with the one click action.

Best regards.

You may be right.
But when I use Acara Gateway and my switch in decoupled mode I can use both click function.
Why can’t I use this in zigbee2mqtt?