Wired key lock box?

I’ve been trying to find a home assistant integratable key lock box (one where you can create temporary codes and manage those remotely) that you can power with a cable.

There are plenty of options for battery powered, but that’s not ideal for this use case.

Does anyone know if any? Preferably, that you can get in Denmark or the US?

Are there suitable options, but your only issue is that they’re battery powered? If so, rig the battery compartment to connect a permanent power supply — if nobody else comes with a finished product as per your request.

That was my fallback approach. Was just hoping for something nicer (maybe even PoE).

However, I hadn’t actually checked other versions for HA integration. I just assumed with all the options available, at least some would work with HA.

Some of the integration pages list compatible hardware and models, so traversing that could help.