Wireguard behind an SSH Tunnel

I’m currently using the SSH Reverse Tunnel so I can reroute the traffic on port 8123 to a docker container on my server which is accessible from outside. I have achieved it, by using -R 8123:localhost:8123 in the advanced option of the add-on and disabling http and https.
Currently I also want to reroute the traffic of the Wireguard add-on, so I can access some devices using VPN from outside. Has someone managed to do so using a Reverse SSH Tunnel setup?
I have been trying to do so with a similar method as the http website, but I think it’s not working because the VPN traffic requires an UDP port.


Did you find a solution?

I am not sure if I managed to do so using a reverse SSH tunnel. I did however succeed in connecting directly over wireguard to my server. For that you need a wireguard client add-on (maybe the normal add-on works fine too, but I faintly remember a problem which required the usage of the client add-on). The add-on is not per default available, I guess it was from this repo: GitHub - bigmoby/addon-wireguard-client: Hassio Add-On Wireguard Client

Nevertheless, I solved the problem using cloudflared and tailscale :slight_smile:
Much easier to setup and since then I never had any problems!

(I use a cloudflared tunnel to expose my instance to the internet, and tailscale to access it in case something does go wrong or cloudflare has maintanance issues. You can also connect your home assistant and a server via tailscale and expose it that way. I use that solution to expose my plex server, since cloudflare doesn’t allow video streaming over their tunnels.)

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