Withings Sleep receives unrealated data

A few months ago I successfully configured Withings integration with intention to use it to turn off lights when a person is went asleep.
Unfortunately HA is receiving data unrelated to what Withings application reports. Specifically it receives sleep data when I’m at work. I though it might be delayed in some way, but not: data differs completely. I did put off the subject for a while because of moving to new house. Right now I would really like to make it working.

During configuring integration I was asked for login to withings portal. After that I can go to an account on healthmate.withings.com and in my profile / Partners / Manage My Partnes I can see the integration.

Here is a today’s history from midnight to 10:35 am, while we got up at 8 and we are at work for some time.

Have anyone idea about what’s happening?

With regards

Ok, I contacted Withings support, their developers did check out and confirmed I’m retrieving data of a proper person sugesting to ask for help withings integration developers.

How can I contact withings HA integration devs or report the issue?

Is it any way to check out raw data retrieved by the integration on my own?