WLED integration questions

I just flashed a nodemcu with WLED and I am wondering what the following switches do:

  • Nightlight.
  • Sync Receive.
  • Sync Send.

There is no explanations on https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/wled/

Anyone cares to explain? Perhaps we can add the info to the integration page as part of Hacktoberfest :slight_smile:

Maybe Wled’s wiki can help you with that.


If you turn the nighlight switch on then it gradually fades the LEDs down based on the settings you select in the App as below:


The Sync Receive/Send switches can be used to tie the LEDs from different WLED boards together so that they act as a continuous string. You need to make sure that the WLED boards that you want to link have the same UDP port number defined and check the appropriate boxes again as in the App as below:


I use the nightlight switch in Home Assistant but I have never used the Sync Receive/Send as once you set these up they are generally fixed.

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