WLED - LED Strip ESP8266

Hi People. I just successfully st up my LED Strip Project in my Garage. I use an ESP8266 and flashed a http-uploader sketch on it and just uploaded the binary WLED

The whole is autodiscovered by home-assistant once u entered the mqtt settings

here you go!


Yesterday Dr Zzs posted a couple of comprehensive youtube videos on setting up WLED for Xmas lights. Also worthy of a watch, especially given there’s no soldering involved. I’m waiting on my Amazon order.

Pretty straight forward to wire and flash the esp … and cheap in the same time …just perfect for lighting the home for Christmas

Anybody know if WLED can run on an H801 driving an LED Strip that’s not individually addressable?
It is RGBW, the W is Warm White…

It will not.

better with either Esphome or Tasmota.

Links to info:

Hope it helps.

Just for info: WLED has been added to latest hass version (0.102.x DEV!)




Awesome. I just watched Dr. Zzs video last weekend and got this running on a couple wemos esp8266s, but then went back to esphome because I’m MQTTless and didn’t want to have to travel down that road just for a color changing light.
Good to know official support will be here soon.

I have a problem. I flash my nodemcu v3 by bin… Version WLED 0.8.6
Then connect data in on strip to pin D4 on nodemcu and power 5v to strip and nodemcu vin and GND. I use Led strip model SK6812
But When i power ON only first Led light. And nothing change When i change option by web… Only light first Led. Please help me

Just to make sure I understand how you have it…
Do you have the ground from the strip and the power supply connected?
If you don’t this could happen.
Otherwise go into LED preferences and change the number of LEDs to what you have.

Yes GND from strip is connected to V- on power supply and also GND from NodeMCU is connected also to V-. Then power+ from strip is connected to V+ on power supply and also VIN on nodeMCU is also connected to V+. And DIN on strip is connected to D4 in nodeMCU.

What happens if you power the nodemcu from the usb and remove the + connection to the power supply?
Also you did say you connected to data in with gpio02 which should be d4…are you sure you are on the correct end of the strip?
I only have ws281x leds and with these it matters. Not sure about yours. Just trying to troubleshoot.

Problem resolved. Reflash nodeMCU by other flasher and connect again and all works ok.

Hi people! I was just wondering if I could use this on my Blitzwolf lt11 strip. Currently I’m running tasmota on it but it has issues and would be great to try wled. Thanks in advance!

Anybody know if its possible to map the pixels to a desired color, or is wled only for animations/effects?

it’s also color strip… with effects and animation if wanted… .

Sorry, I mean I started a project with 8 pixels on a addressable string light. I’m looking to make pixel 1,2,3 a certain color and 4,5,6 ,7,8 a different one.

I can’t figure out how or if it’s possible with the software.

With new 0.9.0b1 it can :slight_smile:

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Will try it out next time I set it up.
Now I just need my 3-year old to understand the light strips I painstakingly put up under his loft bed are a nice thing and shouldn’t be ripped apart at the connectors…
Daddy was cranky that day…

What you mean “other flasher”
I currently use esphomeflasher and it returns no errors when flashing. Still I only get proper
Light control using 0.84, but then the strip blinks randomly in a flashing manner. All newer firmware do not control or send different light profiles or colors properly.
I have even swapped cables without success.