WLED Sync to ESP Home

Is it possible to sync the effects and colors of ESPHome addressable light to a wled light? Have read through the docs. Enabled the WLED effect for ESPHome light in HA. But the only thing working is brightness setting and solid color effect. Documentation is scarce. Maybe it’s possible though other protocols?

I would not do that complicated by using wled API (http or json) but use just a HA automation as HA retrieve all from wled and esp-home.

Can you elaborate more on that? As i quite not understand the mechanics on converting a wled effect to HA automation

You need to use ‘service: light.turn_on’
In yhis service, you can manipulate a lot of characteristics of light

I remember a while back some used the DDP setting in WLED and in ESPHome to sync. Have a search in here for that.

Seems I added it to some RBGW bulbs, I’ll share the ESPHome config tomorrow

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