World Air Quality Index (WAQI) integration help please


Would someone mind helping me with trying to integrate the WAQI integration?

I am following the guide here and I have requested an API key that I have tested is working through the browser. World Air Quality Index (WAQI) - Home Assistant

I have tried adding the config in various ways in my configuration.yaml file. I have tried nesting it under a previous sensor following the correct YAML formatting or even by itself.

  - platform: waqi
    token: 2xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
      - United Kingdom
      - xxxxxx, xxxxx, United Kingdom

I have tried about 12 different combinations of locations, stations and even removing the station list etc. I have around 20 waqi entities which all don’t work and state:

“This entity is no longer being provided by the waqi integration. If the entity is no longer in use, delete it in settings.”

The strange thing is these waqi entities are not even for my location or station but just seem like various random ones.

Home Assistant core 2023.1.7
Frontend 20230110.0

There is nothing in the full system logs to suggest any failure.

Thank you