Worx Landroid Package (Deprecated)

Yeah I’ve noticed that too, before I rebuilt the HASSIO package, the server pushed A LOT of requests to internet…

When connecting to the AWS from a non-Worx application it will cause an IP ban for 24h

Status and commands are now fixed in the original repo. See https://github.com/virtualzone/landroid-bridge/issues/88

This is available in HACS: https://github.com/MTrab/landroid_cloud

Currently only sensors, start, stop and pause - but working on controlling schedules and rain delay as well.

No need for the Landroid Bridge container.


Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile: Looks promising. I notice there is no documentation yet on adding to Lovelace. What entities does it create? Hard to differentiate from the existing Landroid_bridge ones already installed. Thanks

It creates these;


And then it adds these services:


And it’s fully compatible with multiple mowers in one account.


Should I update my Landroid WR100SI to firmware 3.52 or stay on the shipped 3.0 firmware?
Is there any problems with the newest firmware?

New firmwares remove errors and bring new errors. There will never be a perfect firmware for ALL gardens. Maybe the old works better for you, and the new one for me. Or vice versa.

I understand, but I mean if the api works as it should with Home Assistant? So I don’t loose the connection to HA after update?

At the moment both integrations work flawlessly. That’s all I can say :slight_smile:

Have you tried with latest HA, 109.2?

yes …

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Your “Landroid Cloud” integration works with HA Core 0.109.2


Home Assistant 0.109.3


MTrab/ landroid_cloud

Hey, everybody. I updated the package. It now works based on Landroid Cloud by @BlackChart.
For details see here:


Sweet! Look forward to testing :slight_smile: Thanks @Barmalej

Great piece of work!

I have added the firmware as a sensor, just add this to the package landroid.yaml under sensor:

        friendly_name: "Landroid Firmware"
        value_template: "{{ state_attr('sensor.landroid_m_status', 'firmware_version') }}"

and this under customize:

      friendly_name: "Firmware"
      icon: "mdi:camera-iris"

change landroid_m_status to the label used in your setup :slight_smile:

Thank you. I am now rewriting the package and add this attribute as an attribute to the Entitties card

New version.

English is default language, added new attributes.

Is it correct that this is not available for Hassio (yet)?

I have now connected the landroid with homebridge (link), next you can add this to home assistant with the Homekit controller. This way I managed to add a start/stop switch to Hassio. But I would prefer to not use Homebridge and a direct Hassio addon.