Would you recommend ESPhome for garage opener?

Long story short, I was using insteon as my garage door opener, however insteon as those familiar might now has lots of stability issues. I have two questions regarding ESPhome:

How secure is it? I know if I am specifically targeted by good enough of a hacker, none of my smart home devices is 100% hack proof, however should I be concerned with ESPhome and wide net attacks?

Is it possible to program ESPhome to primary access a specific AP and upon failure define a back AP?

ESPhome will be perfect. You can enable encrypted comms between the ESP and HA and as long as your wifi is secure you should be good.

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If you are concerned with WiFi attacks, then put a ethernet port on the ESP device and cable it instead.

Very true. I use a Olimex PoE ESP32 for one of my projects.

Yep, I do this for some of my devices that I also occasionally take in my RV.

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Thanks for the response

Thanks for your response :+1: