Wrong Lovelace Card Symbol Color when setup temperature on Ledvance (Osram) Light Bulb

Hi everyone,

I am very new to home assistant. please forgive me if this is a stupid question. A few weeks ago my SD card broke and I gave home assistant a chance. previously i only used raspberry matic with nodered. i am very impressed with HA, it’s great fun and so powerful.

I have a problem with the display of the correct symbol color in the dashboard when i set the temperature of my Ledvance smart+ lightbulb (Osram). The lightbulb gets the correct color but the color of the symbol does not change. So if I had previously set it to red, the symbol remains red after the temperature has been set. This is annoying because the temperature is more important to me than bright colors.

As an aside, it should be mentioned that the problem does not occur with cheap Lidl RGB lamps; only with all Ledvance (Osram).

changing Temperature to 526. Lamp will get right color.

But Symbol still is red:


I figured; hey that’s not a problem; I just give the right RGB value back to the lamp via a call service node in Nodered and it will work. Unfortunately that doesn’t work; because of missing correct RGB Values.

In Nodered I have compared all data (new values, old values, all object, just everything in get) from call service node, current state node and events: state node completely and the RGB value is wrong (it is the one I set before changing temperature) and only the temperature value (153-526) change.
So I tried to convert XY (sometimes got changed values, sometimes not. dont know why) to RGB with JavaScript functions and I tried to convert Kelvin to RGB with JavaScript and the node-red-contrib-colorspace. I compared the output with my temperature values ​​(153-526) in steps of 10 to find a algorithm between Kelvin and my temp values (153-526). Unfortunately I don’t find any connection; the colors are not right. Mostly its to blue or to orange.

After 2 days of searching and testing I did not find any way to convert the transmitted temperature value into the correct RGB to send it back to the lamp via call service.

In all cases in which I set the temperature value (153-526) in the dashboard or send it via nodered, the bulb takes on the correct color; only the symbol color of the icon does not change, as for example with the other bulbs in the smart home do.

I am not sure now:

Is it a problem with Osram?

Have I set something wrong in HA or have I forgotten something so that the symbol does not change color?

What’s my fault in Nodered? Why is there no way to get an RGB value? A temperature is basically just an RGB value.

For me it looks as if there is an error in HA which leads to the symbol not taking on the correct color and no new RGB value (corresponding to the temperature) being sent.

Please excuse this endless long text :wink:

I hope that someone here knows the problem, has a solution or can just say “Hey you’re too stupid” :smiley:

Sorry, had made a lot of screenshots but just able to post only one :smiley:

Many thanks in advance.

Hey together,

ok, I’ve tried everything now; work with rgb_color, rgbw_color; rgbww_color; and so on.

I have tested different conversions from kelvin to rgb which all give me the same result. unfortunately not the temperature color that the bulb has when sending the kelvin value.

So at this point i did not find any solution.

The easiest way would be if home asistant simply fixes the error so that the lovelace symbol takes on the right color (temp) :wink:

Thank you in advance for tips