Wrong reading from TS0601 Radiator Valve (ZHA)

Hi all
I have an issue setting up a system with one TS0601.
The model being read from the system is _TZE200_b6wax7g0, and the quirk HA is reporting is correct IMHO (Quirk: zhaquirks.tuya.valve.MoesHY368_Type1).
What I noticed from the very first moment is that while the room temperature is correct, there is an issue with the temperature setpoint. Particularly the value being displayed is one tenth of the actual value (e.g. instead of displaying 19°C it displays 1.9°C).

If I read the cluster value I think it is correct:

Cluster: MoesThermostat (Endpoint id: 1, Id: 0x0201, Type: in)
Attribute: occupied_heating_setpoint (id: 0x0012)
Value: 190

This is compatible with the description I read online (the value is in tenth of degrees, so 190 → 19.0°C). However the card displays it as 1.9°C


I tried messing around with the appropriate zhaquirk and also with the valve.py in the components folder, but with no luck (probably because I don’t know HA and ZHA well enough).

Do you also have the same issue? How can I solve it?

An OccupiedHeatingSetpoint with a raw value of 190 is equivalent to 1.9°C.

Integer values for temperatures in Zigbee are generally expressed in 1/100 of a dégree if their value can exceed 12 degrées, on occasion they are expressed in tenths of a degrée if it can fit one byte.

The LocalTemperature of the thermostat is reported in centidegrees, son 190 corresponds to 1.90°C . The LocalTemperatureCalibration, which applies a correction to the internally measured temperature is set in tenths of a degree, and it is signed, so 190 would be -66 or an offset of -6.6°C, which would be a value that is not allowed by the specification (the accepted range is -2.5°C to +2.5°C).

Well, then there is an issue with the reading of the value, or the specific valve is reporting a different value, since the same valve with Zigbee2Mqtt works fine
(BTW sorry for the late reply but I did not receive a notification, and failed to see the message when I checked some days ago)