Wrong time in HASS.IO

Hello @everyone!

A completely rookie here with maybe silly question, but I0ve been messing around this for more than a week.

I’m running Hassio operating system on a Pi 3. I have my time zone set as Europe/Madrid. The problem is that my States page is always showing the time five weeks back. I know this is not a problem with the timezone, it is a problem of not getting my Hassio time configured. But I don’t know how to do it.

Sounds like the ntp service is not syncronizing with internet, but I cannot check it via telnet, as Hassio does not allow to run linux commands as a normal linux os.

So, if someone is so kind to help me out with this, I would appreciate it a lot.


If you turn protection mode off (on the SSH addon page) it will have elevated access to the system. Be careful.

Hi Tom,

Yes, I have “protected mode” disabled in the SSH plugin, but it does not allow me to have more access.

Is there any other way to sync the time in hassio not going through telnet commands?

Did you set a time zone in your configuration.yaml file?

You might need to ssh into HA in the debug mode using port 22222 (assuming you are using hassOS) Some systems won’t automatically use an NTP server if the time is off by weeks…

Hi @DavidFW1960, yes, I’m using hassOS


But I don’t know how to connect in debug mode, when I try it with Putty in port 22222, hassio refuses the connection.

you need to install a private key via a USB stick. Do you have a monitor you can plug into the Pi as well as a keyboard of course?

see here for debugging as well…

Also try issuing the command date --help in the terminal. If you can get the right date/time set or close enough, NTP should fix it up. (provided you’re connected to the Internet) Also after it’s close maybe restart the system…

I will it a try this afternoon (it is 9am here).

Thanks a lot for the tips. I’ll let you know what happens.

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Finally I could not access via ssh to HA core, so I migrated to a virtual machine on Virtualbox, and it runs like a charm.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi, how did you manage to fix your time issue? I am running HA on a VM (VirtualBox) and have an issue with my HA time not updating correctly.

Hi Dawnchorus,

Sorry for this very late reply.

What I did was a configuration backup, downloaded to my computer, installed the lastest update and then restored the backup. It started to sync the date/time by itself.

I hope it helps you out.


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