WS2815 and open/close sensor controlled by Wemos D1 mini pro

Hi guys.

I want to control my WS2815 LED strip by the Wemos D1 mini pro. I have also bought an open/close sensor which I want to place near the LED strip. Is there any possiblity to connect both of them to one Wemos D1 mini pro and control (LED) or read state (sensor) both of these devices via Home Assistant? I know that WS2815 is powered by 12V and I will have to have a buck converter to power the Wemos with 5V, but the thing that I want to know is whether i can controll both LEDs and sensor by one Wemos? Can you give me any tips how to do it? Or do I need to connect them to two seperate Wemos boards?

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It’s powered by 12v but it should have 3 other wires, one of them is your data wire that goes to your gpio. Mine is green but yours may be different.

I know that. The question is: is it possible to handle LED control and door open/close sensor on the same Wemos D1 board? I suppose that it is, but i can’t figure out how to do it.

Led requires 1 control gpio and the door sensor requires 1 gpio. What is the real query? The software?

Exactly, software!

Ok, here is how to set up a binary sensor which is what your door sensor will be.

And for the leds Neopixelbus Light — ESPHome

Tinkering with arduino before I took the home assistant plunge helped me a lot. The forum here is great but I’d go that route first and save yourself a ton of frustration. HA isn’t known for being beginner friendy and not having microcontroller basics to build onto, your going to have a tough time. are good places for info.

Although the language is different, learning to program your own boards will also help you at least understand some syntex basics. Nothing like loosing your mind trying to find a compile error when all it is is a missed space bar or } in a line of code.