WS2815 Connectors

I am struggling to find (L/T) connectors that are marked as compatible with this.
Will something like this work ?

I am not an expert and haven’t done this but it looks like those should work since they are 4 pins to 4 pins. The labels won’t match but if you are fine with that then I think they will work.

I’m not sure what shipping would be like but if you want some that are marked as working with the WS2815 strips there are a few on the US amazon site.

Yes, indeed … they are 4 pins and seems to be strait forward … but as they are not marked like others are, I was wondering if is there any potential mismatch, I will check the size/spacing and see if this is matching my strip specs.
PS: I will check on the Amazon US as well … some have cheap shipping … will see.

13 euro… You could probably buy a soldering iron for that.

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What you may want to consider is that this particular LED strip is IP67 rated, i.e. it’s in a water-proof tube. When you cut the strip to attach such a connector you may not be able to make it water-proof again.

Other than that you want to ensure that the width of the strip and the connector match. In your example, the strip is 10mm wide, and the connector is made for 10mm wide strips, so that looks promising.

Thnak you for the considerations.
Indeed I hope 10mm will match … 10mm :smiley:

PS: Acttualy I will get the normal strip - I dont need the water prof one - but good catch :)!