WTH can’t media keep playing through HA restarts

It would be great if media playing (eg white noise in my kids’ rooms) could survive a restart. I can do this using a separate server like Plex but it would be great if something in supervisor could keep it going while HA restarts

Which media player?

And where does the white noise come from?

Local media playing to a google home.

So you have used HA to command your Google Home media player to play a media file stored in your media folder.

This actually means that the media player integration in Home Assistant is streaming the audio to the Google Home device. So that is why it stops if you restart Home Assistant.

I don’t know anything about Google Home so am not sure if it is possible to actually have it pull the media from the Home Assistant location (which should persist through a restart) but I doubt it is possible.

Yes that’s exactly right. I use Plex instead which gets around this issue. But I was thinking it would be cool if I didn’t need to. Feel free to close if not feasible

I don’t know how feasible it is so I won’t close it.

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It’s not feasible because home assistant is running the stream. If it was a separate media container running the stream it would be feasible. However, if you restarted that container you’d have the same problem.

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I’m not saying it makes sense or is worth the effort, bout couldn’t HA keep track of specially marked streams and restart them after a reboot if they were playing before? It would probably make most sense for this to be incorporated within the playlist context and not for individual media files.

I’m sure that can be done, but the stream will be interrupted, and who wants to have a song stop playing because their significant other restarted. If this truly is a want/need, then you shouldn’t be streaming from HA core.

I hadn’t even thought of this feature, but can think of a couple situations where I would not mind at all if the stream restarted on its own. The main one would be for music or white noise overnight. A second one would be background music like when you are working from home or doing laundry or cleaning the house.

For the overnight situation, restarts could come up pretty regularly during external backups or server reboots depending on how they are managed.

Again, not sure it is worth it, but I can see reasonable use cases and potential ways of implementing it, so I would vote to not close this WTH even if I’m not sure if I will actually vote on it!

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Why are you restarting overnight anyways for the white noise? I only restart my server when I update. At this point, it’s basically once a month

Baby goes to sleep at 6.30pm, or even for a 2 hour nap in the day. Cue opportunity to do some Home Assistant stuff (tweaking automations, adding new hardware maybe, updating HACS components). Baby wakes up - I realise the white noise has gone off. Hence I moved to Plex to be fair. But hey, just thought it would be elegant to do within HA if possible

ah, understandable.

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WTH, I voted for it!

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I would vote for it, too.

family is watching AppleTV which is started by some scripts and added as media device in HA
If I change anything in HA and had to reboot. Family is not happy as AppleTV is stopping.

Configuration option in Media Device is not changing behavior.
AppleTV is not stopping during shutdown. It will stop at the end of the restart…

Thanks for make this behavior configurable.

Shame you are a year too late then.

WTH month finished that long ago.

Open a Feature Request, if there isn’t already an existing one.