WTH can't I update the IP of a device

I like to play around with my network setup and this means that a device can change to a different IP address sometimes. When this happens I need to remove and add the device while I was hoping I could just edit the IP address to point HA into the right direction.


I’ve found that for some devices (Iotawatt) I can edit a file to change the IP address, assuming I can find that file. This is not a fantastic solution, but it seems to work without too many consequences. Doing it through the UI would be better, but would probably have to be implemented per integration.

Where exactly did you find the Iotawatt file. I’ve hit this issue and couldn’t find it myself! I’d rather not re-install as it might send some of my templates crazy!!

Thanks in advance.

I’d actually suggest setting the devices to static IP addresses, or using DHCP Reservation in your Wi-Fi Router, to prevent this from happening.

I found it like this:

grep -rnw /root/config/ -e '192.168.x.xxx'
/root/config/.storage/core.config_entries:496:    "host": "192.168.x.xxx"

…where 192.168.x.xxx is the old IP address of your Iotawatt.