WTH can't we Drag&Drop in the Dashboard

Looks like its being developed: https://twitter.com/hass_devs/status/1578367230575722496


An easy way to move cards in and out of containers would be awesome

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Something like this :slightly_smiling_face:



Begs the question, why on earth ISN’T this already in HA? That example stevenr posted is precisely what I’d expect to find in HA.


2 years ago, nothing happened… really?

lets face it, what users (not admins) of HA see, is the dashboard - and that looks crap and already old. and is even worse to build with.
do something about it HA team… things like this are often the first sign of something going wrong

As I wrote in your issue on github, they’re busy with it because of this WTH topic. So just wait and give them time. This is not something they can implement in 1 month. They have to face everything with the drag/drop device wise. Zack is now working inside the HA team, so guess he is more busy inside the core, then on his own github.

yes thank you.
but it’s simply not possible to use it the way it should.
there are lots of spaces, because arranging one item to the top, arranges another one down without making sense… no option for resizing etc … horrible … feels like 2010

Yeah it’s not the best UX and indeed feels like 2010. They’re busy though.

Maybe you should give the lovelace-layout-card a try from Thomas Loven? You can set a page on your dashboard on the ‘vertical-layout’ for example. This causes the page to render all cards in a vertical line. If you then place a ‘layout-break’ card in between them. The vertical layout will continue in the next row. I’m using that right now so I’ve control on where my cards will go.

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This would be awesome!

Yep, I also consider this kind of essential. I keep putting off making my dashboard look nice as it’s just such a pain in the ass at the moment.

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