WTH Do I have to reset my default theme and dashboard every time I login from a new device, as a new user, or clear cookies?

Pretty much said it in the title. Would like a global default setting for theme and dashboard for all users or at least the ability to set each users settings and preserve that preference even on a new browser, device, etc.

I’d love this! The new dark theme and colour selections are perfect for me.

Having to reset them after clearing cookies etc. kinda takes the joy out of it though.

Yes! +1 yes!

I would love to be able to set a users default dashboard without having to use an addon. I’ve got a few different locations that I’m controlling from a single HAS setup and I really, really don’t want anyone at one of those locations to login and hit the default see everything dashboard. That really should be an admin only dashboard!

Basically this data should be store in user’s profile on the server and not on the client.

Maybe with a separate option for local client themes if people need to use it for dashboard tablets without creating separate users for each tablet.

Yeah I have kind of a lot of devices now and the default page is nuts. So many badges and entities. Takes me two seconds to fix but my wife and kids don’t know what to do so I have to setup them. Theme doesn’t matter so much but the dashboard at least would be huge.

Yes, this definitely is a pain - I login over a bunch of different devices and constantly have to keep changing back to my preferred theme.
It should be a setting for the specific logged in user, and just follow that user around (with an option to override by cookie or something on a specific device)

Yes user based please! The theme would have to be set on first load as well but the config is in the user profile, so should be set for the user

100% agree. I need to teach other users (= wife :slight_smile:) how to change the default dashboard everytime they log in on a new device.

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I agree, it’s really a pain having to reset the theme and others after clearing cookies. This must be saved in the database and not on the client side.

I would be also glad to configure this for users in advance… so +1 from me as well! :wink: