WTH isn't there a dedicated EV wallbox section in the energy dashboard

Since most of the energy in my house is now used by my EV the energy dashboard basically only tells me at which time I plugged in my car.

I can’t see how much the EV costs me since only energy meters track the costs. I would be great to see how much I actually paid for charging up my EV and or how much energy was used from solar or grid to drive my car.

A visualisation similar to the one of evcc would be great!

DomBusEVSE module is a domotic module designed to make DIY wallbox (just connect external RCCB protection and contactor, and optional energy meters). It’s connected to HA by Modbus and provide distinct meters:

EV solar energy
EV grid energy
EV total energy (the sum)

In this way it’s possible to see, month by month or year by year, the amount of solar and grid energy you have used for you car.
Also, with some automations, you can make any graph combining those information.
You can find more info at www.creasol.it/EVSE