WTH isn't there some sort of native sleep-timer programmable via the UI?

Something I really wish is a kind of GUI or Lovelace-Card build-in (without automations) which lets you choose any entity, chose a countdown time and when it reaches the end, it turns off the entity.

I know it’s doable with a script and automations, but for me its a bit difficult.
It would be awesome to have such an option native implemented.

Thank you

Interesting idea. I can understand why this doesn’t exist… as you said, it’s basically a simple automation. Yet automations are something of an overkill for this kind of thing - you don’t really want to have to go through creating an automation for simple semi-random events.

The question in my mind is how you keep its scope limited for a Lovelace card? How do you select the entity? How many entities (cause you know people are going to want more than one!). How do you select what action to take?

Hi all, I’d like to add some cents to this discussion/idea.

I honestly don’t understand why this is not standard in HA. A sleep timer has got to be the oldest automation around, I mean my earliest recollection of a tv in the 80’s had a sleep timer.

Don’t get me wrong I
Absolutely love Home Assistant but a sleep
Timer is IMHO is some that should be standard and is really missing. A simple input with a countdown timer and then a start button which does something when the timer is finished should something as standard as sunset and sunrise.

Like I said some cents on my part.

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