WTH, why doesn’t the Twitter integration have sensors?

I’ve seen so many automations based on specific tweets. Why isn’t this part of the main integration?

It would make sense, for instance the state of Michigan DOT, emergency mgmt for my county and and city and many other have official Twitter accounts where they are announcing weather, traffic and other alerts and announcements. For our fire department its their ONLY way of announcing Burn Bans aside from setting out a sheet of plywood in front of the firehouse with “Burn Ban in Effect” written on it in red spray paint. Most if not all other sources of this information either live on un-scrapable sites or behind a logon or some other place that’s useless to HA as a way of gathering data. Twitter, Instagram and facebook are already being leveraged as global communication platforms and all have well documented API’s.

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The current Twitter Integration is simply a notification service.